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De Balie - New Renaissance


New Renaissance with Christian Luiten, Gunifort Uwambaga, Raquel van Haver and Ralph Nauta

How a new generation of contemporary artists shapes the art industry

The publication of Avant Arte: New Renaissance has shed light on a new generation of contemporary artists: a diverse group that breaks with traditional art and methods. How will they shape the future art industry? With several artists, art platform Avant Arte and publisher MENDO, we will explore how the art scene is evolving, the role of the new generation of artists, and possible changes that need to be made in the industry.

In their new book New Renaissance, digital art platform Avant Arte gives an inside view of 15 new international artists and their workplace. Founder of curator Avant Arte Christian Luiten and Gunifort Uwambaga of publisher MENDO will talk about their collaboration, the artists and the inspiration behind this project. What is the New Renaissance?

With Raquel van Haver and Ralph Nauta (Studio Drift) and other artists featured in the book, we will discuss what they think the future holds for the art industry. What is the role of the new artists in the changing art world, and what do they want to achieve with their work?

Moderator: Jörgen Tjon A Fong

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