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Holland Festival | Amsterdam |2019 - 2020

Verzwegen verhalen © Jan BoeveDe Balie  (4).jpg

Every year in June, Holland festival showcases ground-breaking productions by artists from all across the world and new developments in the performing arts. From theatre, dance, music, musical theatre and opera to multi-disciplinary forms and cross-overs with the visual arts, digital art, photography and film.


Raquel van Haver was apart of Holland festival in 2019 and 2020.


In 2019, van Haver participated in the debate night with William Kentridge.

The debate night with William Kentridge was about the reliability of historians and untold stories. In his play The Head & The Load Kentridge shows the history of Africa in the First World War as a series of interpretations and separate stories. Kentridge talks about his research and findings. 


In 2020 for a week during the festival period, places in Amsterdam ordinarily displaying advertisements will feature art by artists connected with the Holland Festival. Thirty bus and tram stops throughout the city will display images that invite people to take a good look, to enjoy and/or reflect. All the works have to do with the festival’s theme, In pursuit of the we. For example, the visual artists Raquel van Haver will be showing clips from her series Amo A La Reina about Latin-American women and the influence of political and economic circumstances.

Text and images all courtesy of Holland Festival

Verzwegen verhalen © Jan BoeveDe Balie  (1).jpg
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