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CultureSummit | Abu Dhabi | 2017


CultureSummit 2017 Abu Dhabi concluded today following four days of rich and lively discussion with over 300 of the world’s top creative minds from over 80 countries. The global cultural leadership forum delivered on its founding vision by tackling some of the most challenging issues of our time, and exploring ways in which culture and the arts can address today’s societal and political challenges.

Curated under the theme ‘Culture as a Change Agent in the Digital Age’, the panel conversations were focused on collaboration between various disciplines; how technology can shape the future of global policy and how the arts and culture play into the changing landscape, and how cultural ties bind us all together into one global community, among many other topics and themes.

The summit’s action-orientated agenda, which included daily workshop sessions to further explore the challenges and issues discussed in the plenary, demonstrated the immense diversity of attendees who participated in the discussions and ensured broad perspectives were considered, and incorporated, in the outcomes. Working groups prepared an action agenda defining future actions by the collected participants and laid the foundation for a global collaborative cultural initiative. Subsequent outcomes included a commitment to developing a collaborative web-based platform to foster ongoing cross-cultural conversation and the creation of metrics which can more accurately measure cultural impact.

Raquel van Haver participated CultureSummit in 2017.

Source text: Elan the mag

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