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holland festival - Concealed Histories

Concealed Histories - With William Kentridge and Raquel van Haver - Holland Festival 2019

During this year’s Holland Festival, William Kentridge’s play The Head & The Load premiered to much acclaim. But who is the artist behind the art? High time to speak with the man himself about how he uses art to uncover the forgotten stories in our history.

Tonight William Kentridge speaks with artist Raquel van Haver, whose paintings tell the stories of people who tend to be overlooked. Who constructs our history and what is the artists role in telling the stories of the marginalised? The programme is moderated by De Balie director Yoeri Albrecht.

About The Head & The Load
The Head & The Load illuminates the plight of the nearly two million African porters and carriers used by the British, French, and Germans who bore the brunt of the casualties during the First World War in Africa – a tragic story of immense historical significance that has remained largely untold.

About the speakers

William Kentridge is a South-African visual artist. He is internationally acclaimed for his drawings, films, theatre and opera productions. His practice is born out of a cross-fertilisation between mediums and genres. Kentridge is one of the Holland Festival’s two associate artists this year. His work responds to the legacies of colonialism and apartheid, within the context of South Africa’s socio-political landscape.

Raquel van Haver is a contemporary artist. In 2012 she received her degree of Fine Arts at HKU (University of the Arts Utrecht). Van Haver’s work paints complete stories about communities and the human nature. Recently she had a solo exhibition Spirits of the Soil at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. She works on burlap, often combining oil paint, charcoal, resin, hair, paper, tar and ash in heavily textured compositions.

This program is a co-production between De Balie and Holland Festival

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