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NFT project Voice & FRERARA | 2021

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Gems Of Resistance is an NFT project putting the spotlight on the importance of social activists. The people raising their voice are the true gems to society. This series is an hommage to those who raise their voices in different countries worldwide.


Apart from being staple food in Colombia, the Banana is also a central to the Banana Massacre of 1928.  When workers went on strike for decent pay and living conditions. This is a perfect example of the type of imperialism and terrorism Colombian citizens are dealing with up till the present.

Historically  parts of government work together with foreign companies for their own interest, and not that of the people. We all reap the fruit of the labour of people raising their voice for a righteous society. This work is an hommage to those who raise their voices in Brasil. 


The series consists of 8 works which will be released in the coming period by art collective FRERARA, contributing artists are Airich Raul Balai, Frederick Calmes, and Raquel van Haver.

Artworks can be collected trough bidding at the works on the Voice platform, Voice is an NFT platform that is environmentally-friendly.

Some of the proceeds from these gemstones will be donated to Mama Cash. Mama Cash is an organization that looks for resources from institutions and individuals, offering grants to self-led, feminist organizations. The organization also helps in creating partnerships and networks required to defend and advance women’s, intersex people, girls’, and Trans’ human rights worldwide.


Created in collaboration with Voice NFT residency, and curated by Azu Nwagbogu.

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