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...,staat & Mendo present:
The New Stijl


Creative agency …,staat and publisher MENDO have collaborated on the publication of THE NEW STIJL.  This iconic book explores a unique curation of the most talked-about Dutch creativity today. 


Around the world and across a host of creative disciplines, Dutch-born, Dutch-raised and Dutch-educated talent is making waves, changing industries and defining trends. Dutch creativity is very much alive, as exciting and challenging as ever.


What characterises Dutch creativity at a time when national identity is less and less defined by physical borders? THE NEW STIJL is an exploration of that question. This book is not a traditional portfolio, a greatest hits or an academic tome but a curated selection of the now and the next – those who are dreamers, doers and disruptive thinkers challenging us to look at the world in a new way.


It is a bombastic festival of a book, curated across disciplines and styles, full of energy, enlightening conversations, clashing creatives and unexpected combinations. Think big names with unexpected work  and unexpected names with big work.

Available on the website of MENDO 

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